Mission – Educate people on Gender Based Violence as well as Share experiences related to GBV in light of ending Gender violence in our communities. 

Vision – To produce the best content that will enlighten people on issues related to Gender Based Violence .



Lets talk Gender is all about Sharing issues that revolve around each gender towards gaining gender equity .

We discuss Gender Based Violence and how to go about it by Sharing experiences of people  who have experienced it and what to do to protect ourselves against Gender Based Violence.


Here Is Why Teachers Need Sensitization On Gender-Based Violence.

Many vital players must work together towards ending Gender Based Violence. For instance, you and me. But while we may not all be trained or attend conferences on how we can stop Gender-Based Violence we can only stick to understanding the basics and play our roles within our physical reach. However, there are other key …

Marriage Is Not For Children: This Is For Fathers Who Wife, Their Daughters

Child Marriage is an abominable practice that denies innocents children their rights as human beings. I cannot even begin to fathom what would have become of me if I was married off at a tender age. Perhaps, we should blame it on poverty as the primary cause on the alarming rates of Child Marriages. However, …



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