Here Is Why Being a Woman Is the Best Thing That Could Have Happened

Have I ever thought that being a woman was a curse? Yes, I did, once. Being a woman is not easy, it requires strength. Not the kind that you’re born with, but the kind of strength that the world instills in you. Being a woman means you have an extra pair of every aspect of your feminine body; muscles, eyes, bones, senses, heart. Not for you, because being a woman means that the world is depending on you and looking up to you even though most of the time it is denial of your importance.

I have met women who have challenged me and changed my perception of being a woman. They are women who have survived the worst inhumane acts of Gender-Based Violence. Despite the horrible feeling and scars such a horrific event left on their being, those women came out stronger, resilient, fearless, and a voice for other women.

I salute women who have refused to condone the despicable act of Gender-Based Violence. These are the women who despite the cultural beliefs have raised their voice to say ‘No’ to young girls being mutilated and sold out for marriage. These are the women who have time and again sort to see young girls shine into womanhood through education and empowerment. I celebrate women who have refused to accept bride price for their young daughters even though, they have nothing to feed and the constant pressures from the community won’t let them sleep. These, are the women who are pillars of our society because they know the value of being a woman.

I commemorate and appreciate women who came out after being sexually abused. These are the women that were forced to endure minutes, seconds, hours or days of their dignity and honor being trashed and robbed. However, that did not stop them from trying to seek justice! These brave women came forward because they knew that if they didn’t, their being is in jeopardy. They understood so well that if they did not come forward, the person behind that vile act is a hungry monster out for blood and will not stop. Another woman’s life is in danger. Having been sexually abused, these women have taken upon themselves to educate other women about Sexual Abuse.

I acknowledge the daring woman! She stepped out of her comfort zone to better herself and those around her. This is the woman who never wastes an opportunity regardless of the naysayers. She is not ashamed to get up early in the morning and hassle her way through life. She is patient because she knows that hard work pays. These are the women who have taken on jobs that would have been perceived, ‘a man’s field.’ These are the women who have had to put more efforts so that women’s voices are heard and welfare improved.

I celebrate women who live their lives by the standards they alone have made. These are the women who have refused to let the society dictate what is right and wrong in their lives. Although it has not been easy for these women, they are the reason we are where we are today, politically and economically. They are the women who set the bar so high for other women to emulate and understand what truly being a woman means.

Being a woman is not easy, you’re an icon even when you don’t always feel it. You are the reason there is hope for your children and society. One good woman can move her society to greater heights because she is a pillar that cannot be shaken even by the strongest of winds. Now, that is the kind of woman I aspire to be.

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