Reasons Why Women Are Bent On Giving Birth To Many Children

For decades, women have always been bound by culture to give birth to so many children. It was more of their responsibility than it was for their children’s father. A man who had many children commanded respect among his peers and society. Being the today woman, I often find myself asking if those women enjoyed giving birth to an army of children and if they were empowered like we are, would they still succumb to cultural demands to have many children?
Much has changed since then and now. However, our thoughts on the issue haven’t!
Today, women are more empowered In terms of education and even economically. Despite that, most women still feel that it is their duty to give birth to many children regardless of their sustain ability.
Recently, 25years old Flora brought her 8-year-old daughter to the hospital as she had been defiled by the herd’s boy. From the moment she walked in, you could tell that Flora was having financial troubles she had wrapped herself with an orange tattered leso and had a pair of old dirty slippers. She was tall, dark and her skin was dry. She was also carrying her 4 months old son on her back.
Flora’s 8-year-old daughter was the eldest and at 25 years old, she had 6 kids, the youngest being her 4 months old son. Her husband worked in Nairobi and travelled at least once or twice in a month to visit them. In addition to that, Flora had no job, she relied on her husband to send them money for food and upkeep which sometimes is not enough for her to buy herself new clothes.
This situation is just one of the many situations in which many women today are facing. Don’t get me wrong, I have no qualms in women giving birth, on the contrary, I believe that children are a blessing. Many women are giving birth at high rates and some lack the abilities to sustain those children. The men who sired those children are sometimes never in the picture or travel so far leaving the children behind with their mother.
Some of the reasons that result in women giving birth to many children today vary from one woman to the other. However, some of the encounters I have had gave these reasons;
1. Some women simply want to give birth until all the ova in their bodies are completed. As absurd as that sounds when you say it out loud, I have met women who believe that all the ova in their body should account for a child.
2. Lack knowledge about child spacing.
3. Some women simply have nothing better to do! They do not have anything to fill their time as they are not empowered thus having kids is their full-time job.
4. Religion plays a major part in high rates of childbirth as some do not believe in contraceptives and encourage women to give birth.
5. Early pregnancies.
6. Some women believe that getting pregnant is key to keeping a man.
7. Men have not been included in birth control awareness.
8. Politicians who encourage women to give birth for the sake of future votes.
Giving birth to children is a blessing. However, someone once said that before giving birth, one should ask just how much of themselves are they going to give, financially, emotionally, physically and psychologically?
There are men and women in our society who will hear nothing about childbirth control or child spacing and continue to give birth to an army of children. Both men and women need to be told that siring children is not enough if they lack the ‘sustain ability’. It’s not up to women to know about spacing, men too should be part of that conversation since it takes both of them to bring a baby into this world.

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