Here Is What Music That SPEAKS OUT feels like.

Music always arouses a lot of emotions within most of our souls. I am guilty of never having favorites, I, however, blame the amazing tunes produced every day from all genres of music. Despite my inability to have a favorite, I have recently fallen in love with music that educates and at the same time creates an awareness about the elephant in the room; Gender-Based Violence. I recently attended an event hosted by Nairobi Women and just like a hungry Lion, I had to sample some of the tastiest talents Nakuru had to offer. And I can assure you, they were yummy!

Among the many beautiful talents I saw, I was particularly intrigued by Simor’s band. From the moment he walked on stage, I could feel the vibe from the instruments and I knew that I had found what I had been looking for. His passion for music is drawn from his personal experience which for purpose of this article I won’t disclose. Among his many productions, Simor’s band has also produced a series of song that talks about violence. His songs warn young men and women against physically abusing each other.

Here goes what he had to say;

Q1. What was Interesting for you about the Speak Out Awareness

Well learning that everything is all about consent even when one is drunk you shouldn’t take advantage, you have to make sure both of you consent.

Q2.What would you tell men who are afraid to speak out

  The society has socialized men to keep hard stuff to themselves. However, I feel like joining a group (Like a support group) would do everyone good and it’s a good place to talk.

Q3.Where is your musical inspiration coming from

         Simor: From Usher, hahaha but I also appreciate other serious guys in the industry.

Isaac: Most of our songs are feel good so it all comes down to love.

Q4.Do you guys do music full time or you have another hassle

Well yes. Isaac own Media Company called In light media that does photography.

Simon, on the other hand, has his own music classes where he teaches music.

Q5.When do we expecting an album

        Mmmh, Well very very soon.

Well, that’s just about it, however, am sure that most of you would literary want to hear from them. You can get Simor’s music from his YouTube Channel at Simor Music.

And if you want someone who can take your photography to the next level, check out in light media on Instagram and see what Isaac does when he is not on the keyboard.

Music indeed arouses a lot in us am just glad I found music that speaks out against Gender-Based Violence.

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