“Your Honor,But There Was Consent To The Act.”


So many times, we ignore what the law has to say about issues until we commit an ‘innocent crime.’ According to the Sexual Offences Act,a child is any human being that is below the age of 18 years.Therefore,children cannot consent to having sex.It is illegal to have sex with a minor, and ignorance to such details can land you in a lot of problems with the law and very heavy penalties will follow.

Teenage years to say the least, are the most difficult years for most parents.That is because, teenagers are at the peak of growth and are experiencing a lot of pressure from their friends,the internet to conform to a certain ‘somebody.’ It is at this point that most engage in sexual activities.

However,you must be warned that in as much as teenagers react to their hormones,as an adult,you must be smart and run as far from the snares of their desires.The worst mistake that can happen to you is to knowingly engage in sexual activities with a teenager thinking that just because hes/he consented,it will not land you in any trouble.

Like i always put it,ignorance is no defense. The law is clear and thus, calls upon all of us to be responsible and protect children.

There are other instances where we unknowingly tangle up with minors.For example,if you met a teenager at a bar that strictly prohibits people below  the age of 21.Well,such a rare case,it would be a defense if you reasonably believed that the ‘victim/child’ was not a minor.

With that said,let us be aware of the law particularly when it comes to children because when the law rains on you,it comes with a heavy storm.

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