Children Abusers: What We Need To Do About Them.

I have to say, when it comes to children issues they do need the expertise to handle them as well as wisdom and in the least some maternal instincts. It’s probably not the first time we’re all hearing about children sexually abusing other children and how unfairly sometimes the rulings are in cases involving a boy and a girl. Like I said before when it comes to handling violence where a child is a perpetrator and another child is the victim it doesn’t necessarily require logic and what have you, it requires wisdom and some maternal instincts and most cases heavenly intervention to avoid giving an unfair ruling.

Kids are such a curious lot and most times they just want to try out things and conclude to themselves what it actually means and feels, not to blame them we were all there once. So, when two kids decide to engage in sex, and in this context remember kids are those humans below the age of 18 years as per the Sexual Offenses Act, do we call that sexual violence? And, the question is, if either parent decides to sue the other child, because parents are sole guardians and have a right to do so and also because we’ve seen many parents do this, do they have valid grounds to do so?

That’s one way to look at it. However, there are those kids who sexually abuse their counterparts. What legal action should be taken to such children? Mary 15 years old was staying with her caregiver and since she had no parents, they relied mostly on donations. Her caregiver was also staying with her nephew whose mother was working in some Arabic country whose name I will not mention. So, the nephew, James took advantage of Mary for weeks and she, unfortunately, got pregnant and decided to run away until she was rescued by the area chief.

There are by far many other cases reported at the hospital that are about sodomy that involve school going children where older kids sodomize younger kids. Maybe, we can blame the fact that most of these children were sodomized at a young age and so most of them grow up thinking that is the right way to do things. Alas, some of them are socialized by the society surrounding them. In 2014, there was a case involving a Sunday school teacher who was caught giving children gay porn and even asking them to act it out. All these put together may be the reason why children sodomize other children.

As a mother, if you hear that your child has been sexually abused by a child, we never look at the perpetrator as a child we see them as criminals deserving to be punished like a criminal. Nevertheless, there are cases brought forth by angry parents reporting the other child of sexually abusing their child even when both children agreed to have sex. And, I will not lie to you, in most cases the boy child often suffers.

So, what do we do to these two types of children who one agrees to have sex and try things out and these other children who sexually violate other children?

  • It’s high time parents took that initiative to educate their children about sex. They need to talk to them about sexual predators and what they should do should they come into contact with such.
  • Awareness groups that visit schools and talk to children should feel free to discuss the legal part of a sexual offense. That way those children who sexually abuse other children can know the legal repercussions of their actions.
  • Teachers need to be constantly sensitized about Sexual offenses that involve children. This is because teachers spend more time with children for the most part of their life thus, they need to know what to look out for and how to handle children who are sexually abused by other children as well as children abusers.
  • It’s high time a society we looked at the content our children are absorbing. Some of the behaviors they have are from the content they are consuming. It is therefore important that we know what it is children are consuming and regulate.
  • If you’re a person in contact with children whether parent, teacher, caregiver or any other profession, always give that child a benefit of the doubt when they tell you that someone is sexually abusing them.

Those are just a few pointers of what we could do to help children. Even so, those children who are caught abusing other children are very much so in need of care. They need to be counseled and rehabilitated to make them better people. Solving the issue the ‘chini ya mti court’ way won’t help as much because most times justice is never served and the children involved do not receive the help they need.

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